jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015


Para la traducción a Inglés he contado con la gran ayuda de @flowermiko, sin ella no hubiese sido posible este gran resultado.
I was there when I woke up, on a lonely street and surrounded by light fog.

- Is anybody there? – It was impossible and yet nevertheless, I couldn’t deny. I didn’t know where I was, where I was going… I felt alone.

I began to walk down the long street but it which seemed to have no end. Grizzly and tall-looking buildings surrounded me, some of them were made of glass while others were big concrete blocks, but all of them were gray or so I thought.

I kept walking, but no without some fear, when a noise stopped me. I turned sharply, but there was still nothing… nor anyone. I continued on my way, hoping to find the end but when I had not begun walking again, I thought it was a shadow that began to approach me. I tried to run but that shadow was faster than me. What was happening to me? I tried to run, I swear, but I couldn’t move to the same place and that thing was pretty near to me.

My breath stutters, I couldn’t move and I didn’t know what was stalking me, it was very faster, increasingly it was closer and my legs didn’t respond… A shiver ran down my spine. ‘It can’t be that I thought, that no.’

- MOVE! – I screamed and began to run as fast as I could. I had to avoid that the shadow reached me.

I ran and ran until I found with a park. It was blooming but the flowers had the same gray colour that the buildings. I didn’t like to walk in that park but I didn’t have another choice, it was the only possibility to escape the shadow.

I delved in and gradually it grew into a dense forest. I thought that I was walking in a straight line when I realised it wasn’t so and ended up totally lost, going over and over the same areas. I didn’t know how I could get out.

I started over; first I turned to left, after right… Everything was exactly the same. The trees were identical to each other and I didn’t know if the tree was the same one which I had passed 5 minutes before.

 I didn’t know what I could do and the nightmare seemed endless. At least, I didn’t see the thing that followed me and I could breath.

I continued walking and I wanted to get out there. Was that asking for too much? I only wanted to get out of the forest and go back with my family. I sat in a clearing to rest because my legs were tired from the running and from all the time that I had been walking in the forest.

A shiver ran down in my back again. It was there, the Shadow, breathing on my neck like it had been behind me. I sat up slowly and without turning because I didn’t want to know what that thing was. I wanted to disappear.
Staying there, still, was like vanishing away and I had the feeling if I didn’t move, the Shadow wouldn’t touch me, as if I was invisible to it’s eyes, if it had them.

I felt something run up from my back to my right shoulder. I touched and took it and when I saw it I realised that was it the outline of a bone. I could do nothing, I turned and it was there. SHE was… I knew it was the end. SHE, dressed black, with empty eye sockets and her infinite toothy smile… SHE that most of the people fear had come for me, no knowledge, no when, no why.

A tear ran down my cheek. My fate was sealed.

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